Philippine International Fun-Fly & Philippine Nationals

More information from Obi Mapua regarding 2010 Events for fixed-wing RC:

1. The event in Daet, scheduled April 1-3 (Holy Week) is titled “Philippine International Fun-Fly”, and is hosted by the Governor of Camarines Norte, Gov. Jesus Typoco. The venue is the Daet Airport. Metro Manila modelers may want to join the convoy on Tuesday night. It’s a big runway, so you can bring the planes you like to fly! Please call Anthony Ballesteros at (02) 641-6110.

2. The Philippine Nationals will be held in Bacolod on June 4-6, at the old Bacolod municipal airport. Events are: Aerobatic pattern (3 classes–Sportsman, P3-2011, and F3A-P11), IMAC Intermediate, Quickie 500 Sport pylon racing (2 poles), Fun-Fly, and Freestyle Heli. For more details, please email Chepit Dulay at

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